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Forester Township Synopsis for September 25, 2023

Board Present: Hoenicke, Grabitz, Daley, O’Mara and Daum
Guests: Arduin, Weber, Browden, Lumaj, Sampier, Alexander, Davis and Foster

Motions on:
Amend agenda
Secretary report
Treasury report: General Fund $360,357.71, Investments $58,522.35, Fire Account $43,312.90, Water Operations $119,074.15, SAD Accounts: Clearing account $1000.17, ICS $768,036.55, Maintenance Clearing $12,619.30 and Maintenance ICS $208,522.60.
Water Meter purchase
Accepted bid to clean up blighted area
Assessor software purchase
Ditch cleaning contract
METRO Act Renewal contract
Cemetery gravel bids
Attorney resignation 12/31/2023
2023 Millage Rate Request
Budget Review
Paid bills report
Bills for payment


Next meeting is November 20, 2023 at the Township Hall at 7:30pm.

Marjorie J. Hoenicke, Clerk

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