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William R. Dixon
Owner, Tribune Recorder Leader

It seems like about every ten years, America endures some form of tragedy. History is chocked full of wars and plague, all that have been overcome by faithful and resourceful Americans.
The COVID disease shall also come to pass and the sacrifices made during this National and State call to action may well pale in comparison to those made when a nation was called to war.
We have been called to sit on our couch for a few weeks.
The Tribune Recorder Leader has been designated as one of the essential media and information businesses as part of Governor Whitmer’s Executive order 21. We will continue to publish the newspaper each week as we have for 139 years.
We have, as part of what we feel is our patriotic duty, closed our front door to walk in traffic until April 14, 2020. Customers can still contact us by telephone, fax, website, email and social media. There will also be a drop box near the front door.
The Governor’s shelter in place executive order has shuttered thousands of businesses across Michigan, many of whom will not re-open. Regrettably, there may be as many business casualties as human ones.
The action was inevitable and necessary to slow the rate of new infections. This proactive effort of isolation is our best hope of being able to adapt and persevere this attack on our way of life.
The Coronavirus situation is rapidly developing and additional government ordered changes to business operating procedures are inevitable.
Currently grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and other essential businesses will remain open to the public.
While the prospect of contracting COVID-19 is frightening, we are not powerless to reduce the rate of infection.
• Practice safe social distancing (six feet or more)
• Cover your face when coughing or sneezing.
• Wash your hands with soap and warm water (30 seconds of continuous washing destroys the virus)
• Avoid touching your face, especially after touching surfaces which may carry the disease (cardboard 12 hours, plastic/stainless steel up to three days.)
As of press time there was one confirmed cases of COVID for Sanilac County. Only time will tell if we have been spared from the prolific impact.
Things in life are what each individual makes them out to be. Take some time in the next few weeks to count your blessings. Get to know the people in your house again. Go for a walk, play with your dog, read a good book and enjoy each others company. This too shall come to pass.

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