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Marlette Alumni Foundation Honors Graduates

By: Rachel Bennett
Tribune Recorder Leader

Left to right Linda (Agar) Ward class of 1973, Leona (Bardeau) Wiltze class of 1948, Denice (Muxlow) Fischer, class of 1969.

The Marlette Alumni Foundation hosted a banquet on Saturday, Sept 9 honoring the graduates from 1969 through 1974. These graduates celebrated their 50th plus class reunion. The event is hosted every three years. Information can be found on the Marlette Community Schools website located under the District section; then look for ‘Alumni.’ Attendees were asked to complete a survey for feedback on the format and future events.
A slide show presentation was done by Leon Westover Jr., president of the alumni association. Before he started the slide show he shared his feelings on how “glad he is to have Jim Marshall,” a Marlette alumni, as the superintendent. The slide show gave a brief history of the school and town and how it has evolved over the years. The alumni foundation gave updates on improvements they were able to help with projects inside the school; specifically the trophy cases located around the school. Also presented in the slide show, were fun facts specific to each graduation year. The facts included housing, gas, car, and stamp costs. Other fun facts in the slide show were popular songs, shows, movies, and the muscle car popular that year.
Alumni in attendance with milestone reunions this year were Linda (Agar) Ward, class of 1973, who celebrated her 50th class reunion and Leona (Bardeau) Wiltze, class of 1948, who will be celebrating her 75th class. Leona was the most veteran alumni in attendance at 93 years young. She was accompanied by family members Linda Ward and Denice Fischer.
The alumni foundation would like to thank all those who have been involved with projects and donations. They would like to urge the community and younger alumni to get involved and be a part of this foundation.

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