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Red Raider Review 1-20-16 Edition

Thursday is the first day of exams here in Marlette. Intermingling with the memorized dates and formulas embedded in the students’ minds are the memories of marking periods past.
Back in simpler times, homework consisted of a coloring sheet or, if the teachers were feeling extra cruel, a word find. The only cheating we were capable of was peeking at our classmates’ shoes while playing ‘Heads Up Seven Up’ Studying meant sitting on our desks, chanting our spelling words, one letter at a time.
Years ago, as elementary kids, getting the highest score meant finishing all one hundred addition problems within the time limit. The word ‘testing’ was used as we were getting pulled out of class to read passages aloud to a parent volunteer.
In the past, our responsibility was measured in the number of library books we checked out and the threat of changing our green card to yellow was enough to scare us into submission.
Prior to these golden years we call high school, we were encouraged to use the bathroom during class. We were allowed to get as high as we wanted on the playground swings at recess. The hardest decision plaguing our developing minds was which prize to pick out of the birthday treasure box. Time has passed and more thoughts weigh on our minds than whether mom packed a fruit roll-up or an apple for snack.
As we, the students of Marlette High, are sitting in exams, Instagram and Twitter will be filled with the trending #throwbackthursday, and for good reason. Few memories are quite as fond as those made by the carefree children living in the past of each and every one of us.

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