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Red Raider Review 12-2-15 Edition

The joyous swirls of emotion are sweeping through the town of Marlette. Accompanying the perfume of peppermints filling the air is the unnervingly familiar sense of being watched.
Generations of Marlette High School students have reported eerie occurrences around the school. As they do annually, these stories are once again making an appearance in the conversations of students. So please, sit back, relax, and allow me to enlighten you with a haunting from the Ghost of Marlette’s Past.
A warm weekend, from the not-so-distant past, provided the perfect weather for some football conditioning. A trio of starting players on the varsity squad agreed to meet up at the high school weight room to get a jump start on the season’s training. As the clock wound its way to ten o’clock that night, two of the three boys began warming up and spotting each other.
When, at eleven, the last friend still had not arrived, the pair threw in their towels, physically and metaphorically, and went about the room gathering their items. Their lighthearted chatter was drown out by the roar of an approaching pickup truck. The rattle of the man cover in the lot outside the door confirmed their suspicions. Throwing the door aside to give a good-natured punch to the belated arrival, the two athletes’ faces paled in the golden moonlight.
The man cover rattled again in the parking lot, empty of all but two parked cars.
Custodians have mentioned, on multiple occasions, echoing laughter and running footsteps down vacant hallways. Teachers tell tales of momentarily stepping out of empty classrooms only to return to scattered papers and supplies covering the floor. Even our principal has relayed his run-in with a self-locking door in the teacher’s lounge.
The town of Marlette as a whole is looking pleasantly festive for the holidays. But nothing is quite as spirited as Marlette High School.

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