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Redskin Review 1-13-16

The New Year has finally brought a wintery outlook to the season! The constant fresh blanket of snow is almost unbelievable compared to the mild weather we’d become accustom to through the holidays. This lovely winter scene is sure to give a magical feel to all oncoming Sweetheart events!
This past week the long anticipated Sweetheart candidate announcement was made. The lovely couples selected by National Honors Society (NHS) and several Sandusky High School (SHS) teachers include, Jessica Paling and Michael Wentzel, Lauren Heberling and Danny Hale, Madisyn Peplinski and Trenton Keys, and Sam Orchard and Jack Norton. February is going to present a difficult decision for Sandusky’s student body with this array of excellent students. On the other hand, the rest of January will bring an exciting month of campaigning and creating new traditions.
This year NHS, head of Sweetheart events, has chosen to turn to a new page regarding a few aspects of 2016’s election. Usually, our couples use a large majority of campaign time to let the school get to know them with photos, stories, and celebration, but this year we decided to learn about the candidates in an original way. Each couple was given the opportunity to pick a childhood disease and a chance to use an assembly to raise awareness with their choice of presentation form and guests. This addition to Sweetheart is meant to more clearly represent the candidates “sweetheart” qualities.
All in all, the campaigning to come, although different, will be very innovative and exciting, especially with our king and queen choices. Celebrating classic SHS traditions is always anticipated, but having the opportunity to create original memories is even more exciting. Good luck to all the charming kings and queens!

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