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Redskin Review 11/3

The Sanilac County Pageant is in our midst once again. Spectators can expect several changes to the routine this year. The pageant is this Saturday, November 7, at 6:00 p.m. The supporters of these amazing young ladies are invited to gather at the old Maple Valley Elementary School, where they can purchase tickets at the door right before the event for $15.
A great turn out would mean the world for such determined and lovely contestants. The Sanilac County Pageant takes place every fall with the hopes of inspiring everyone involved. Each contestant’s goal is to fully portray their energetic and encouraging personalities. One contestant will be lucky enough to take home the right to represent our county for the year. The titles that will be awarded include “Miss Sanilac County” and “Miss Sanilac County Outstanding Teen”. The two new misses have the opportunity to work, learn and gain experience together, building character along the way.
Contestants will start with a one-on-one interview with the judges to talk about their interests, views, and platform issue. The ladies will introduce themselves to the audience later in the evening, beginning the confidence focused portion of the pageant. The contestants will first be modeling “activewear”. The teen contestants will show off their devotion to being active and bubbly while the miss contestants take part in the swimsuit portion. The talent section follows activewear, and accounts for over one third of the contestants’ overall score. The night ends fittingly with evening wear and a final onstage question for each contestant. A large community turnout would be a great way to show support for all of the young ladies involved. Hope to see you there!

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