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Redskin Review 4-29-15 Edition

Everyone is once again accompanied to a usual school week. Even though our weeks continue to keep everyone active, the season fluctuation has added an ease to regular events. Of course, the weather hasn’t completely conversed to summer, but it’s just nice to finally feel the sun again.
For example, many of Sandusky’s sophomores were busy this weekend with their class fundraising event. This is definitely a great time to incorporate fundraising into our schedules because not only do we have annual expenses, but the following year we’ll have prom to plan for. Last Saturday, our grade hosted a Father Daughter Dance/ Mother Son Game Night for all grades throughout the elementary school. Furthermore, this proved to be a unique and fun way to raise funds and include everyone in a family!
Needless to say, Sandusky’s band students with direction from their instructor, Mr. H. put together another impeccable performance on Tuesday of this week. The Senior Band’s presentation included an excellent variety of music to keep everyone on the edge of their seat. Shortly following, the Jazz band’s show introduced several foot-tapping groovy rhythms, which the audience fully enjoyed due to the classic tone and smooth feel. Last, but certainly not least, our percussion ensemble group offered a new exciting twist with the instruments involved in their show. Hence, ending the entire performance with an audience fully intrigued and ready for next year!
Additionally last week, a banquet was held for all the outstanding students who were accepted into National Honor Society. This made for an excellent time for all the members to finally assemble and share ideas and congratulations. I’m sure the following year will account for a multitude of volunteering and team-building. Hopefully, schedules remain comfortably busy with the exploring of new endeavors and ongoing activities to fully enjoy the oncoming season!

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