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Eagle Beat 12-16 Edition

This is the week all students have been waiting for since coming back from Thanksgiving break. That’s right kids, it’s finally our last week of school before winter break! One more week of challenges and then a peaceful two week break.
Last week was interesting in terms of Deckerville basketball. The girls varsity team traveled all the way to Akron-Fairgrove last Tuesday and won 52-49. This victory was no walk in the park for the girls either. At one point in the first half, the girls were down by fifteen points. Akron-Fairgrove definitely has a different way of playing basketball than most teams which led our girls to be covered in scratches and bruises. The girls made an impressive comeback in the third quarter and continued to fight through the rough game and came out on top which really made this game a memorable one. Good job girls!
The girls have a long week ahead of them. Both games will be away this week. Tuesday’s game will be played in North Huron and Friday’s game will be played in Dryden. Tuesday’s game against North Huron will most certainly be interesting to watch. A couple of weeks ago, North Huron played against Ubly and only lost by two points. Our Deckerville girls will really have to fight if they expect to come out with a win.
The boys varsity season is starting out similar to that of the girls. Last Wednesday, the boys played against Ubly in Deckerville and lost 43-51. They also lost in Bad Axe 40-60. As bad as this may sound, these games really aren’t complete losses. It really taught the boys that they’ll have to play tough this year if they want a winning season. These games really showed some promising talent this year. They managed to stay within five points of Bad Axe until the end of the third quarter. This is actually quite impressive considering Bad Axe has one of the best teams in the area.
Our boys also have a long week ahead of them with a schedule very similar to that of our Lady Eagles. They play in North Huron on Tuesday and in Dryden on Thursday.
Students, we’ve made it this far. We’ve struggled to get out of bed these past two weeks, but we just have to make it through this week and we’re free for a whole two weeks! Remember school will resume January 4th. Have a safe and relaxing winter break!

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