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Down Main Street 9-23-15 Edition

Calling all Scarecrow Enthusiasts: The Annual Scarecrow display, sponsored by Sandusky Community Hearts will return to the streets from Thursday, October 1 to Monday, November 2.
Community Hearts are requesting a collegiate theme this year.
Applicants are encouraged to construct creative, nonviolent scarecrows. As the event sponsor, the Community Hearts reserve the right to refuse entries.
Scarecrow entry sponsors are required to monitor the health and well being of their scarecrow for the duration of the exhibit. Scarecrows that deteriorate should be removed.
A 3’ x 6’ cross stick is suggested. Last year’s sticks may be redressed. Plans for building a 3-D scarecrow are available by calling 648-2376.
Your business name sign should be used to identify your scarecrow.
Each applicant may use a city light pole (silver or black gaslight) outside of their business, on a “first come, first served” basis. If there are no available poles, the scarecrow may be displayed at another pole or at your business entryway.
Commercially made scarecrows are not allowed.
Registration forms are available by contacting Joanne Stoutenburg 810-648-2376 or Debbie Blank 810-710-1306.

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