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Millages Pass; Trump & Biden Win Primary

By: Wm. Michael Dixon
Tribune Recorder Leader

Sanilac County residents exercised their civic duty this past Tuesday in polling places all around the Thumb.
Approximately 32% of all registered voters in the county took part in the Presidential Primary and voted on millages and ballot proposals.
7013 ballots were cast in the Republican Presidential Primary with 5405 cast in favor of Donald Trump, the former President remains the frontrunner by a significant margin.
Donald Trump earned 68% of all votes in Michigan, winning 12 delegates.
1244 Sanilac County Republicans chose Nikki Haley as their candidate for president approaching 18% of all ballots cast. Haley won 27% of the Michigan Republican votes, gaining 4 delegates.
Several other candidates received votes, including names that have officially bowed out of the race for the Republican ticket such and Chris Christie (18 votes) and Ron DeSantis (65 votes). Both DeSantis and Christie dropped out of the race in January.
208 Republicans were not happy with any of the choices and selected uncommitted on their ballots.
1722 Sanilac County Democrats cast their ballots in the Democratic Presidential Primary with 1387 selecting the incumbent President Joe Biden. The next largest vote getter was uncommitted with 205. Joe Biden earned 81% of Michigan Democrat support, gaining 115 delegates and 13% of the voters were uncommitted, granting two free floating delegates.
The Sanilac County Road Millage Renewal passed with 6932 voting in favor and 2013 opposed. The County Recycling Millage Renewal also passed by a similar margin, with 6228 yes votes and 2701 no votes. The County Library Millage passed with the same ease, garnering 6384 votes in favor and 2379 votes against. The soundest victory of the millage renewals was the Medical Control Emergency Services Millage Renewal which passed with 7440 yes votes and 1324 no votes. Custer Township’s Referendum of Zoning Ordinance Amendment No. 2022-12.19 passed with 152 yes votes and 74 no votes. Peck School District’s Sinking Fund Millage passed with 283 votes and 185 no votes. Cass City Public Schools’ Operating Millage passed with 145 yes votes and 95 no votes. Brown City District Library’s Millage passed with 453 yes votes and 300 no votes.
The Republican National Convention will be held July 15-18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Democratic National Convention will take place a month later, August 19-22 in Chicago.

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