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Miss Ginny Honored

Miss Ginny with her daughter, Anne-Marie Strickler and fiance’ Adam Korth at the games on Saturday.

The Sanilac County Youth Sports organization held a fund-raiser this past Saturday, for Miss Ginny, Sandusky elementary secretary, who is battling breast cancer,
Although the weather could have been better, it didn’t deter the youth football teams and their fans, from participating in the much-anticipated games, which they got to play on the Sandusky High School football field.
SCYS President Scott Salowitz said, “It was an amazing event, all of the kids enjoyed dressing up in pink and spraying their hair pink and also bringing awareness to breast cancer. The kids loved playing on the high school field, where they get to watch the high school kids play on Friday night.”
He added, “The kids really enjoyed having their names announced over the loudspeaker before the games and during the games when they scored touchdowns or had big plays.”
Salowitz continued, “Most of the kids know Miss. Ginny very well from school and loved saying “Hi” to her at the games. She has had a huge impact on most of the kids’ lives at the school.”
“We couldn’t have made this event happen without all of the wonderful donations from individuals/businesses in the community. I would like to thank everyone from the local communities who volunteered and helped us on the day of the event,” said Salowitz.
“The coaches’ game that took place after the kids’ games was a ton of fun to watch and the kids enjoyed seeing their coaches out playing flag football just like them. Thank you to the SCYS coaches for participating and making the kids’ day,” said Youth President Scott Salowitz.
Scott would like to thank the Sandusky Community Schools for allowing them to use their facilities for the event.

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