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Petition Approved to Restore Local Control of Solar & Wind

Citizens for Local Choice gets Green Light

The Board of State Canvassers approved the summary of purpose and form of the initiative petition being sponsored by the Ballot Campaign Committee, “Citizens for Local Choice,” to repeal Part 8 of the Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act as added by Public Act 233 of 2023.
“This entire effort has been about restoring local voices when it comes to wind and solar operations being placed in their communities,” said Kevon Martis, spokesperson for Citizens for Local Choice and Lenawee County Commissioner. “We are grateful to the Board of Canvassers for their timely adherence to our petition and we are ready to move forward to secure the necessary signatures to be placed on the ballot.”
The petition language that was agreed upon by both parties and was approved by the State Board of Canvassers states:
Initiation of legislation to: amend the clean and renewable energy and energy waste reduction act by repealing statewide requirements for the construction and development of certain wind and solar energy facilities, including: assessment of environmental, natural resources, and farmland impact; wages and benefits requirements for workers; setback distance; size and height of structures; and amount of light and sound emitted. If enacted, this proposal would allow local units of government to determine their own standards for such facilities.
Bipartisan township officials across the state weigh in on the ballot initiative and petition drive:
“Michigan has been a leader in the Midwest with respect to renewable energy development and that has been accomplished with local control. Clearly, we do not need the state telling locals where wind turbines and solar panels will be going in our communities – we are doing just fine, and I’m confident we will continue to lead the region in future developments” Joe Boogren, life-long Democrat from the U.P., 32 year Veteran, Retired USN Captain and combat veteran (Kosovo/Afghanistan/Iraq). Supervisor, Forsyth Township (MQT County).
Another Citizens for Local Choice spokesperson, Norm Stephens, shares, “My community’s voice has been completely taken away with the legislation that passed and this is why I am involved. Like thousands of others in our state, I believe local communities know what is best for them, not bureaucrats in Lansing.”
“This ballot effort will restore local voices that never should have been ignored and disregarded in the first place. I am looking forward to working every day to gather signatures to ensure this gets on the 2024 ballot,” Dave La Montaine, Riga Township trustee, U.S Marine Corps veteran and retired Deputy Sheriff.
For those wishing to sign a petition and participate in the effort, additional details can be found at
For more information contact, Citizens for Local Choice, P.O. Box 14309 Lansing, MI 48901

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