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All Electric Mustang Mach E is Fast, Comfortable and Quiet

What do you think of when you hear the word mustang? A roaring engine and the smell of freshly burned fuel? A two door speed machine? Ford is hoping to change the image in your mind when you hear the word mustang associated with their new Mach E.
Ford’s new Mustang Mach E is an all electric crossover vehicle with seats for five and plenty of storage. With a range of a little over 200 miles on a warm day, and charging stations cropping up all over the place, the prospect of owning an all electric car is more realistic now than ever.
The Mustang Mach E is not exactly the type of car you’re going to get in and drive across the country, but if your round trip commute is less than 200 miles the savings are a no brainer. A comparably sized vehicle averaging 30 mpg and filling up on regular at $2.87 will cost nearly twice as much at $19.13 versus the Mach E’s comparably tame $8.84 to fully recharge at home, not to mention that Ford is throwing in a handful of free supercharges at in network charging points.

The new all electric Ford Mach E features many Mustang styling cues that Ford blue oval lovers will appreciate, like the triple tail lights and fastback.

The economics are nice, but the true beauty of the Mach E is when you step on the gas, er, the accelerator. The Mach E rambles from zero to sixty in 4.8 seconds, just 0.4 of a second slower than the 488 lb ft, 420 hp 2021 Mustang GT, and the Mach E outweighs the GT by a cool 1000 pounds. The torque is instantaneous and every digital nanny you could ever need is there to keep you from getting into too much trouble. Lane keeping assist, radar cruise control and 360 top down camera views make driving the Mach E effortless. The interior of this Mach E was luscious leather and upon entering your vision is immediately drawn to the massive 15.5 inch touch screen with dial in the center of the dash. Gone are the physical dials and gauges of old, replaced by a programmable display with heads up information about things like range, speed limit, construction and school zones. Egress was a snap, as entering and exiting was easy and comfortable. Visibility from the drivers compartment was great and the low center of gravity coupled with an all wheel drive tuned suspension made rounding curves an absolute blast.
I can’t find a reason to complain. The Mustang Mach E starts at a price tag of around $55,000, not including the $7,500 rebate from the government for buying an all electric vehicle. Before you decide for yourself, stop on up to Tubbs Brothers in Sandusky and test drive a taste of the future.

The Mach E includes provisions for both 120 and 240 volt charging.

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