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Van Sickle Reunion Held July 23

The 107th reunion of the late John and Caroline (Purdy) Van Sickle and Catherine (Oliver) Van Sickle was held on Sunday, July 23, at the Deckerville Bible Church.
There have only two reunions cancelled, both because of unexpected deaths – Fred Badgero in 1958 and Jim Peters in 1960. John brought the family to Michigan, following the Thumb Fire in 1871, having heard of the land after the fire suitable for farming. The land in Ontario, at Kentare was very rocky and he was forced to hunt to support his family. Caroline was his first wifew, a Huron Indian, had died with her sixth child’s birth, leabing him with four children, a little boy had perished in a fire he ran through, a fire they had set to clear some land. He then married Catherine Olive, and English woman, before coming to Michigan.
A delicious catered dinner planned by hosts, Reggie and Judy Van Sickle, was enjoyed and following the meal, the annual meeting was held. Minnie’s famly had two present and Carrie’s had one, and Wm, 14. There were three guest present.
The minutes of the last meeting were ready by Secretary Kim Thompson. The oldest member present was Bob Brooks and the youngest, Denise Long. There were two deaths, Eleanor Summerix and Jaina Wallace. There was one birth, Benjamin Albright and two marriages, Diante and Loy Van Sickle and Maggie Mills to Alex Highland.
The date of the next reunion is one week earlier than usual, due to a conflict and will be Sunday, July 21. Kim Thompson and Gwen Hulett will be the hosts. The location will be at the Deckerville Bible Church at 1:00 p.m.
The president is Denise Long, Vice President Dennis Seiler, Secretary and Treasurer are Kim Norton and Denise Long.
Karen Joy Glover donated two Indian items to the Deckerville Historical Museum – a large basket and an Indian doll, both made of wood, both found in Canada.
Following the meeting, ice cream was enjoyed by everyone.

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