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Wind Generator Destroyed

By Wm. Michael Dixon

A winter storm this close to Spring is usually enough bad news for one week, but a faulty windmill in Huron County decided to give everyone something else to worry about.
The turbine fell in the early hours of Thursday morning last week.
No one was injured in the accident, though it certainly has area residents concerned. Multiple ballot initiatives are being voted on during next week’s presidential primary, and Donald Trump isn’t the only one blowing hot air.
Both sides have been at one another’s throats for weeks if not months trying to sort this thing out. Area residents have lost long time friends and are being shunned by neighbors for their differing viewpoints.
Whatever side you choose, you cannot let it erode your friendships. These large companies looking to make a profit have not been your friends and neighbors for all of these years, and they will be gone as soon as the money is.
Show faith and compassion to those around you, as everyone has a right to their own opinion. Do not drive away those who disagree with you, simply change the subject. Both sides of the argument have their merit and both have their faults, you should be humble enough to accept your own imperfections and kind enough to accept those of your neighbor.

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