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Marlette Manager to Depart

On April 10, Marlette City Manager Corey Schmidt gave his notice of intent to resign on June 8 of this year.
He has accepted a new position as City Manager of the City of Williamston, in the Lansing metro area.
He said, “This move will allow my wife and I to move closer to her job as well as our family. With a baby on the way, these two personal considerations have become of more importance to us as we considered our future. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the City of Marlette in the over two years I have been here. I have enjoyed working with the Mayor and City Council; our dedicated, long-serving staff members; and the residents and business community to try to continue to make Marlette a great place to live.”
The City Council will be conducting a search for the next City Manager. Schmidt said, “We expect an ad to be posted on the City of Marlette website tomorrow morning (April 27), and posted with various professional organizations and local newspapers.”

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