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Red Raider Review 11-11-15 Edition

If you ask any student to list the school’s staff, chances are they could ramble off an impressive list of teachers. A handful might even go as far as to pepper a few bus drivers’ names. One name that will remain undeservedly absent from the list, however, is that of Marlette High School’s secretary, Kim McGinnis.
As busloads of students trudge through the doors, merging with those zombie-walking from their cars, it is not an uncommon occurrence to be momentarily blinded by the glint of Mrs. McGinnis’s smile, much too exuberant to be worn by any sane person before eight o’clock on a Monday. At exactly 30 seconds past 3:14 p.m., when the final school bell rings, dismissing the students, wearing the same smile she wore in the morning, Mrs. McGinnis bids farewell to the departing vehicles.
Throughout every school day, and very often the weekends too, Mrs. McGinnis buzzes around the school, puppeteering all of the school’s happenings. Seemingly simultaneously, Mrs. McGinnis answers phone calls, oversees student attendance, organizes the school’s mail, and stands at post, patiently answering to the teachers’ and Mr. Wood’s every beck and call.
Despite the laundry list of tasks she performs, Mrs. McGinnis hardly receives near the credit and recognition she deserves. Teachers may organize classrooms and mold the minds of today’s youth, but Mrs. McGinnis organizes a school and molds the obscurest of details into one effectively-run business. Next time you are walking into the school and experience the shock of a bright gleam, please turn and thank Mrs. Kim McGinnis for being MHS’s very own Wonder Woman.

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