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Red Raider Review

The annual outbreak of buck fever is once again taking its toll on Marlette’s student body. Symptoms include, but are not limited to; shortened attention span, affinity for camouflage, and the sudden tendency to measure in units of “points”.
Opening week of rifle season hit the school at full-force. Boys and girls alike rose before the sun, decked out in their brightest of orange clothing, and trooped to their blinds. Fully adamant on boosting their pride and earning a tasty prize, hunters persisted through the wind, cold, and knowledge of the homework that accompanies hunting.
Resulting from their hard work, multiple students managed to claim deer. Freshman, Caitlin McNary sacked a nine-point, junior, Jake Zulhke, an eight-point, and various others including Ryan Bower, a junior, bagged a doe. These prizes will fill the freezers of the hunters and, inevitably, will make an appearance in sack lunches.
In the mornings, pride radiates off the hunters as classmates surround them in the hallways. Animated facial expressions adding depth to the retelling of their war stories. Even the teachers join in on the festivities, inquiring daily about any updates to the buck pole.
On an unrelated note, a large number of students, and teachers, were absent this past week. If you or someone you know is experiencing any symptoms associated with buck fever, doctors recommend rest, avoiding loud noises, and a healthy dose of Mother Nature.
Good luck to all of the Red Raider hunters!

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