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Anyone who drove through Sandusky last October probably witnessed a peculiar sight; boxes ornamenting the courthouse lawn. No longer resembling cubes, these cartons balanced precariously atop each other forming cardboard castles. This makeshift village is the annual Cardboard City, where each school in the county meets together to shed light upon, and collect funds for homelessness.Many people know of this occurrence, however, not many people know the organization that puts on this, among other. This unintentionally anonymous organization is the Sanilac County Youth Advisory Council or YAC, for short. Created by Kellogg, YAC was established as a way for the youth of the county to get involved. Marlette has the honor of representing itself in YAC through multiple students, whom have shown an interesting in taking part in community events. Marlette’s YAC members include Steven Wilkinson, Hailey Byers, Hannah Byers, Luke Reehl, Brianna Sartin, Daniel Macha, Jenny Newland, and even the president, Ryan Rich. These representatives assist in the planning and execution of all Council-related events. Just a few events include Cardboard City, Sandusky’s lighted parade, and bi-annual grants offered to youth-related needs.
Though they are not the most recognized of all of the schools’ organizations, YAC plays a large role in Sanilac County. The entirety of what the Youth Advisory Council stands for can be summed up in one sentence from President Ryan Rich, “YAC is kind of funny because it’s a group of people of all kinds getting to know each other and, in the process of our socializing, we’re achieving great things for our community.”

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