GTC East All Conference Offense


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First team

Chase Tucker - Running Back

Chase Tucker – Running Back

Brandon Potter

Brandon Potter

Casey Hyatt - Running Back

Casey Hyatt – Running Back

Brandon Potter, Sandusky, Senior, Quarterback
Chase Tucker, Sandusky, Senior, Running Back
Casey Hyatt, Sandusky, Senior, Running Back
Derek Brown, Ubly, Junior, Running Back
Danny Hale, Sandusky, Senior, End/Receiver
Anthony Sweeney, Ubly, Senior, End/Receiver
Aaron Lefler, Marlette, Senior, End/Receiver
Trevor Willing, Sandusky, Senior, Line
Derrick Scott, Sandusky, Senior, Line
Logan Hughes, Sandusky, Senior, Line
Bradley Gierman, Brown City, Junior, Line
Aaron Klama, Ubly, Junior, Line
Adam Swartz, Harbor Beach, Senior, Line
Brandon Potter, Sandusky, Senior, Kicker
Wray Devault, Sandusky, Senior, Specialist

Second Team

Jeffery Wright, Ubly, Senior, Quarterback
Brandon Pfaff, Harbor Beach, Senior, Running Back
Jacob Finkel, Harbor Beach, Senior, Running Back
Josiah McCue, Memphis, Senior, Running Back
Joey Hagner, Brown City, Senior, Running Back
Matt Alexander, Sandusky, Senior, End/Receiver
Caleb Muxlow, Brown City, Junior, End/Receiver
Tyler Volmering, Harbor Beach, Senior, End/Receiver
Jimmy Schelke, Harbor Beach, Sophomore, End/Receiver
Daniel Ruthkowski, Ubly, Senior, Line
Chorben Chisholm, Marlette, Sophomore, Line
Cole Dekoski, Harbor Beach, Senior, Line
Evan Oswald, Harbor Beach, Senior, Line
Wyatt House, Harbor Beach, Senior, Kicker
Eric Burgess, Brown City, Senior, Specialist

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