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Redskin Review 12-2-15 Edition

The Annual Lighted Farm Implement Parade is approaching rapidly now that we’ve entered December. Through the next few weeks, our community traditions will soon fall together to welcome Christmas, one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. As Thanksgiving has come to pass, many have fully prepared gifts for Christmas and can enjoy everything that leads to it.
The first major event of the month, the parade, will kick off festivities this Saturday. In the morning, the band will present their usual craft show at the new elementary school, welcoming everyone to decide upon any further holiday gifts. Ever importantly, this event encourages the band’s Disney trip, which happens to be this coming spring! So we’d love to welcome as many shoppers as possible to join us in such a cheery and carol-filled environment!
Next once the night begins to set in, families will gather around the streets waiting for the light show to come. Dozens of tractors and floats will coat the sidewalk with a gleam of lights. Each person on the curb decorated with Logan Hughes’s winning button and a cup of steaming hot cocoa will have the chance to stroll through the local shops and enjoy a moment our community unites completely.
Mark this date on your calendar, and stay alert for following events! This day is just setting the mood for the rest of the month! There are still always excellent band concerts, a drama presentation, and several smaller activities to keep busy through such an exciting month.

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