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Redskin Review 10-7-15 Edition

This past week was a very motivating time for Sandusky schools as we started some new traditions. In recent years, students have tried focusing many of our usual high school traditions on helping the community. Some students have even gone so far as to creating new events to encourage modern ideas to add even more inspiration to our high school career.
Recently, several students and faculty have begun to try to inspire drive in other students to help stop bullying or better known as the #stopthebull campaign. These individuals soon developed an admirable goal. They pushed to meet with as many students as possible on Wednesday morning to encourage more people to take part in this innovative school club. Amazingly, over one hundred students took the time out of their day to show their support. Because of this, we were able to make an even larger display of support! All of our supporters, then, received #stopthebull t-shirts and we took a snapshot all together. We were able to write out our slogan with the all people involved, because such a larger number of supporters came. Moreover, this event far surpassed being a success, and there’s sure to be more similar activities to come, thanks to Sandusky’s remarkable set of students!
Additionally, with Homecoming underway student council has once again begun brainstorming ideas that maintain the essence of Homecoming and benefit the community. For example, students would once again like to benefit a certain organization while building Homecoming floats. With this in order, students would not only have fun with regular festivities, but also help others in need. Of course, this is just the start of Sandusky’s redskins coming together to form more traditions that embody our students drive to help.
It’s so remarkable to see so many individuals want to come together for such unique causes. In addition, it will be incredible to see were these enthusiastic Sandusky students are after graduation. The only definite thing is that our students will never stop doing amazing things, whether they’re inspiring our school or new people as they enter into the next chapter of their lives.

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