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Redskin Review 11-18-15

The fall sports season has finally came to a roaring end with an excellent game last Friday. Despite Sandusky’s first loss of the season in varsity football, this was still a can’t-miss event, filled with endless cheers from the fan section and hard, dedicated work from our athletes. Without a doubt, this football season will be one to remember; Sandusky truly had an amazing team. Moreover, Friday’s breath-taking game ended with a score of 34-15, just slightly missing New Lothrop’s aptitude. Even so, Redskin fans depicted a season with even more growth next year; so be prepared!
On the other hand, because of our impeccable fall sports taking a step back, our winter sports can begin to shine. The majority of practices will start this week leaving no break between the two exciting seasons. Of course, this could definitely be a great way to start winter sports, with no break to separate the seasons the excitement won’t have a chance to settle either! Hopefully, basketball, wrestling, and bowling will offer just as much potential as they enter into the spot light!
Speaking of the winter, Sandusky’s band has fit in enough time to begin concert music. Because of the football team’s lengthier season, Christmas music had to be postponed for quite some time. However, without capability for any further delay, we began rehearsing several holiday pieces this week. There’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy at the oncoming annual Christmas concert!

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