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Sandusky Schools Award Bids

The Sandusky Community School District is moving forward with the planned improvements made possible by a recent voter approved millage. The projects are listed as follows:
1.Sandusky High School parking lot and north drive was awarded to Astec Asphalt in the amount of $673,900
2.Sandusky High School metal roof was awarded to Superior Contracting in the amount of $743,018
3.Sandusky Elementary School roof was awarded to Zimmer Roofing in the amount of $336,500
4. Sandusky Elementary School windows (north end windows) was awarded to Sanilac Glass in the amount not to exceed $45,000
5. Sandusky Elementary School General Trades was awarded to Booms Construction in the amount of $106,700. This includes construction of converting two classrooms into three and other various projects.
6.Sandusky Elementary and Jr/Sr High School Electrical was awarded to Krause Electric in the amount of $217,235. This includes a new high school fire alarms, public address system in both buildings, and upgraded electrical panels and outlets at the elementary.
7. Sandusky Elementary School Mechanical was awarded to Thumb Cooling and Heating in the amount of $70,154. This includes updates to the heating units in the three new classrooms at the elementary school, and various other mechanical projects.
Construction Manager Trace Hendric (from RCHendric & Sons) updated the board on the budget for the bond project. He stated that each category averaged about five bids per category. In his experience with other school bonds, there have been some some categories that have only 1 or 2 bids. Due to the high number of bids and the low dollar amount the bids, the bond budget includes approximately $791,000 balance, which represents a 17% contingency amount. The initial budget included a 10% contingency. Some of these funds will be held back for future technology purchases.
The Board was very pleased with the bids and the overall budget.

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