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Redskin Review 1-27-16 Edition

The atmosphere is shifting at Sandusky High School. This week is the ever crucial exam week and preclude to Sweetheart festivities, but that isn’t our student’s focus. Because this time of the year is regularly high energy filled, we’ve been inspired to direct that energy in community related field.
Recently, a select group of students, Nick Jackson, Jack Norton, Parker Wilson, and Sam Orchard were given the opportunity to speak at one of Sanilac County Board of Commissioners meetings. Our goal was to enhance the courthouse’s aesthetic appeal while remembering 114 passed veterans. The plan devised by the Sanilac County Veterans Affairs Office entailed that each local passed veteran would have a patriotic symbol left in memory of them, if this was their family’s wish. However, the intentions of this idea have slowed through the years, but the Sandusky VFW and the American Legion would like to commemorate this original plan from 1985 by replacing all the flags and adding any new memorial flag posts.
In addition to resurrecting this program, we’d like to identify all the names of the veterans these flags represent to personalize these monuments. The courthouse flags don’t just create a beautiful scene; they’re a visual example of Sanilac County’s ingenuity. So we want to ensure the materials used will endure a great deal of time. Our goal should be completed by Memorial Day 2016, if not, even sooner, by the April 12th for the 100th Anniversary of the County Courthouse. Of course, this is a lofty goal because each flag position will cost roughly $100 to replace, adding up to a total of $9,000. We have raised almost $3,500 so far due to the community’s participation in a recent raffle. As of now, the best means of donating is visiting the Sandusky High School office and contributing accordingly.
Keep an eye out for future changes on the courthouse lawn; it’s sure to be a spectacle. This has really been an exciting project so far that has formed a special connection between Sandusky’s students and our unbelievable community. Lastly, a huge thank you to all the Commissioners for their time and support!

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