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Sandusky Wrestling Bests Brown City

Sandusky took on Brown City in Wrestling action this past Saturday. Sandusky had six wrestlers weigh in, and earned a win for each wrestler that did so. Brown City scored 30 points to Sandusky’s 36 for their five wrestlers who weighed in with no opponents. Results:
132 lb – Jayden Geraldo (Sandusky HS) over Jayce Halbert (Brown City HS) (Fall 1:08).
138 lb – Joey NIx (Sandusky HS) over Cameron Parr (Brown City HS) (Fall 0:45).
144 lb – Alex Bays (Sandusky HS) over Max Trombley (Brown City HS) (Fall 0:58).
150 lb – Ryan McKenney (Sandusky HS) over Josh Eager (Brown City HS) (Fall 1:35).
157 lb – Jacob McKenney (Sandusky HS) win by forfeit (no wrestler).
285 lb – Colin Thomson (Sandusky HS) over Shaun Holland (Brown City HS) (Fall 0:55).

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