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2023 Grip It and Rip It Golf Clinic

Participants in the 2023 Grip it and Rip It Golf Clinic and individual contest winners in no particular order: Grade 2: Baylor Matt, Lincoln Krause, Mason Miller, Lucy Wadsworth, Lucas Wadsworth, Harper Jensen. Contests: Short game: Baylor Matt; Irons: Baylor Matt; Long Drive: Mason Miller. Grade 3: Parker McPhail, C. J. Konot II. Stella Wadsworth, Miranda Jensen, Brenden Van Sickle, David Johnston. Contests: Short game: Brenden Van Sickle, Irons: Brenden Van Sickle; Long Drive: C.J. Konot II. Grade 4: Ryan Green, Avril Guttowsky, Jacob Stoliker. Contests: Short game: Avril Guttowsky, Irons: Jacob Stoliker, Ryan Green. Grade 5/6: Jase Badgerow, Cameron Hoff, Gavin Bissett, Kollins Trowhill, Taylor Wadsworth, Maximus Zeidler, Bentley Miller, Lucas Ameel, Jack Rivett Contests: Short game: Lucas Ameel & Cameron Hoff; Irons: Cameron Hoff: Long Drive: Bentley Miller & Lukas Ameel. Grade 7-8: Gavin Gough, Ethan Caringi, Mason Schmidt, Lukas Stoliker; Ashton Wedge, Brandon Shampo, Dakota Wagner, Jordan Sweet, Logan Zeidler. Contests: Group A- Short Game: Mason Schmidt & Gavin Gough; Irons: Ashton Wedge, Long Drive: Gavin Gough. Group B- Short Game: Dakota Wagner; Irons: Brandon Shampo; Long Drive: Dakota Wagner

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