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Deckerville Boys Win Two

By: Jackie Salowitz
Tribune Recorder Leader

The Deckerville Eagles got three games in last week, defeating Marlette, 55-49, defeating Genesee 72-68 and taking the loss to Kingston, 43-57.
The boys traveled to Marlette on Monday, February 20, bringing home the victory. Deckerville led 20-14 after a quarter of play, with Logan Martin getting two 3’s, Derek Osborne, Connor Palmer and Hunter Garza with 4 apiece and Brady Sharbowski, 2. For the Raiders, Quintin Sartin scored 10 of the 14 points, with Troy Lester adding 4.
Both teams scored 8 points in the second quarter – Deckerville’s Brady Sharbowski with 4, and Kris Kosal and Connor Palmer 2 apiece. For the Raiders, Quintin Sartin 4 (one 3-pointer) and Dom Crossno and Aaron Bower 2 each. The Eagles led 28-22 at the half.
The Eagles added 12 points in the third quarter, holding Marlette to 6. For Deckerville, Logan Martin and Connor Palmer with 4 apiece, and Brady Sharbowski and Hunter Garza with 2 each. Quintin Sartin threw in two 3’s for the Raiders.
Deckerville was outscored in the fourth quarter, 15-21, but held enough of the lead for the victory. Hunter Garza scored 6 in the quarter, Derek Osborne 4, Logan Martin 3 and Brady Sharbowski, 2. Quintin Sartin scored 12 of the 21 points for the Raiders (two 3-pointers), Troy Lester 7 (one 3-pointer) and Dom Crossno, 2.
Deckerville had four players in double figures, Logan Martin with 13, Hunter Garza 12, and Brady Sharbowski and Connor Palmer with 10 apiece.

Marlette’s Dom Crossno puts up a shot from the baseline over Deckerville’s Brady Sharbowski.

For the Raiders, Quintin Sartin score 32 of the 49 points, with Troy Lester scoring 11.
Deckerville hosted Genesee on Tuesday, winning by 4. The Eagles led 21-11 after the first quarter, with Logan Martin scoring 8 of the points (two 3-pointers), Connor Palmer 5, Hunter Garza a 3-pointer, David Shanks and Brady Sharbowski with 2 and Derek Osborne, 1.
Genesee outscored the Eagles, 20-14 in the second quarter, giving Deckerville a narrow 35-31 half-time lead. Hunter Garza scored 6 points (one 3-pointer), Derek Osborne 4, and Brady Sharbowski and Connor Palmer 2 each.
The third quarter had Deckerville scoring 18 and Genesee, 17. Derek Osborne scored 12 of the 18 points, Logan Martin a 3-pointers, and Hunter Garza 2 and Connor Palmer, 1.
Deckerville was outscored by 1 in the fourth, 19-20. Logan Martin led the Eagles in the fourth, with 9 points (one 3-pointer). Connor Palmer added 7 and Derek Osborne, 4.
Four Eagles were in double figures, Derek Osborne 21, Logan Martin 19, and Brady Sharbowski and Hunter Garza, 11 points each.
On Friday, the boys traveled to Kingston to take on the Cardinals, but took the loss, 43-57.
After a quarter of play, Deckerville led by 4, 14-10. Connor Palmer scored 6 of those points, Logan Martin 4, and Derek Osborne and Hunter Garza 2 apiece.
Kingston outscored Deckerville 12-7 in the second quarter, for a Kingston 22-21 half-time lead. Hunter Garza scored 3 in the quarter, and Derek Osborne and Logan Martin 2 each.
In the third quarter, Kingston scored 22, Deckerville, 16. Connor Palmer scored 5 points, Logan Martin 4, Brady Sharbowski a 3-pointer, and Derek Osborne and Hunter Garza 2 apiece. Kingston led 44-37 after three quarters.
The Eagles were held to 6 points in the fourth, all scored by Connor Palmer, Kingston added 13 for the victory.
Connor Palmer led the Eagles with 17 points and Logan Martin, 10.
Kingston top scorers were Owen Corlis with 21 and Ethan Harrington, 20.

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