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Local Boy wins Tiger Honors

Six-year-old David Carlson was given the chance to be honorary first baseman at the Detroit Tiger’s Kids’ Opening Day festivities on April 19. He, along with his mom, Erin (Ross) Carlson, wrote an essay for a contest that was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Tigers about what they pledged to do to be more healthy.
The essay said, “After asking my six-year-old son how we could live a healthy lifestyle this summer, he quickly responded with, “Drink more water and play baseball!” He then added, “Well, we could eat healthier too and do some running.”
“Our summers are definitely dedicated to baseball, swimming, going for walks, and working in my parents’ garden to eventually can the produce into various salsas and sauces. As a teacher, I am incredibly grateful to be able to spend valuable time with my children over the summer break. We make the most of every single moment. However, we have made it our pledge to do an activity together every day of the year (not just the summer). Being healthy is so much more than physical health. For us, being together and living in every moment brings the mental health we all need.
Children grow up so quickly and many adults are left wishing they had done more with their children when they were younger. I don’t want to be the same way. I want to give my children every experience I can. So, doing small things like going on a nature scavenger hunt, baking a new recipe together, painting a picture, or going for a walk to the library fill our daily lives.
We pledge to not only continue this “healthy” lifestyle this summer, but to inspire others to find happiness through these activities. We blog our activities together at
Of the Tiger game, David said,“Mumma…This was the best day of my life.”
Erin said “These nine words spoken by my six-year-old son, David, tonight bring tears to my eyes as I reflect on what an incredible experience we had today. Thanks to the Detroit Tigers and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, today became a memory my family will have for the rest of our lives.”

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