TRL Academic Athletic Dream Team


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Terra Cahoon - Sandusky

Terra Cahoon – Sandusky

Andrew Storm- Marlette

Andrew Storm- Marlette


Emily Schaub - Marlette

Emily Schaub – Marlette


Caitlin Quade - Marlette

Caitlin Quade – Marlette

Paco Dorman - Sandusky

Paco Dorman – Sandusky


Morgan Klein - Marlette

Morgan Klein – Marlette

Keri Molloy- Sandusky

Keri Molloy- Sandusky

Tess Schulz - Deckerville

Tess Schulz – Deckerville

Sarah Barker - Deckerville

Sarah Barker – Deckerville

Colton Palmer - Deckerville

Colton Palmer – Deckerville

Erin Campbell - Sandusky

Erin Campbell – Sandusky

Connor Green - Sandusky

Connor Green – Sandusky

Jordan Cleland - Deckerville

Jordan Cleland – Deckerville

Deckerville’s academic athletes all played basketball and maintained a 4.0 average. Sarah Barker, Jordan Cleland and Tess Schulz are seniors, Josie Brown is a junior, and Madisyn Guza is a freshman.
Marlette’s academic athletes include Emily Schaub, freshman 4.0 – Extra Curricular – Out of Doors Club, Student Council, Class President, basketball, cross country, track; Morgan Klein junior – 4.0 – Extra Curricular – NHS, Student Council – Vice President, BPA – 2 years, basketball, volleyball, track; Andrew Storm, junior – 4.0 – Extra Curricular – NHS, Student Council – Treasurer, track, basketball; Hunter McGinnis junior – 3.991 – Extra Curricular – NHS, Student Council – Class rep, Out of Doors Club, football, track, basketball; Caitlin Quade, sophomore – 3.944 – Extra Curricular – BPA, NHS, basketball, soccer, volleyball.
Sandusky’s academic athletes include all seniors: Erin Campbell – girls basketball, Connor Green – boys basketball, Paco Dorman – bowling, Keri Molloy – bowling, and Terra Cahoon – wrestling.

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