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Marlette Wins Rivalry Match in Sandusky

By: Wm. Michael Dixon
Tribune Recorder Leader

Last Friday the Sandusky Wolves and Marlette Red Raiders met at Woodard Field in Sandusky for some thrilling football action. The game had everything you could hope for in a rivalry matchup, with the lead going back and forth and some incredible plays.
Sandusky kicked things off, with Marlette winning the coin toss and choosing to receive, the Wolves made sure the Raiders were facing the sun in the first quarter. The sun in their eyes did not slow down the
Red Raiders as Westley Chapin broke free for a 47-yard touchdown run for the first points of the game. Sandusky answered with a 36-yard touchdown run from Carter Krause to tie things up.
Marlette nearly made it into the end zone before the end of the first but the play was broken up by Sandusky’s Tyler Bush when he intercepted the throw at the one yard line. The Wolves marched down the field before fumbling the ball at midfield, and then recovering a fumble just two plays later. Sandusky made it down to the four-yard line before Carter Krause had his number called again and ran in for his second touchdown of the night. The Wolves nearly stopped the Red Raiders in the red zone, after breaking up two consecutive pass attempts from Trey Lester to Quintin Sartin.
Third times the charm though and on Marlette’s third attempt they completed the pass from Trey Lester to Sartin for 18 yards and the touchdown.
Sartin stepped back into the quarterback slot for the two-point conversion and Sandusky’s pressure forced Sartin to rollout to his right. Daniel Tovar wrapped up the Marlette quarterback but Sartin stayed on his feet just long enough to complete the pass to Westley Chapin for the two-point conversion and the lead as the clock ran into the single digits for the first half. Marlette held a 14-12 lead at halftime. Sandusky kept the pressure on in the second half, running in another touchdown thanks to Carter Krause and their first two-point conversion of the night to bring the score to 20-14. Just a few minutes later Quintin Sartin broke loose for a 51 yard touchdown before finding Chapin in the end zone again for the two point conversion and a two point lead.
The end zones were empty for another 12 minutes before Tyler Izydorek broke the ice with 4 minutes left in the fourth on a 13-yard pass to Westley Chapin, followed by the two point conversion from Sartin to Izydorek to bring the deficit to 10 for Sandusky. Sandusky answered with a 7 yard touchdown run from Carter Krause (his fourth on the night) before converting again on a Carter Krause run to bring the game back within a single score.
Quintin Sartin ran in Marlette’s final touchdown of the game after just twenty seconds further off the clock, putting the game just out of reach after converting on the two-point attempt.
Sandusky retook possession with less 3 minutes to go in the contest, but it was too late for the Sandusky squad as Marlette went on to win it 38-28. Marlette’s offense shared the load on the night with quarterback Quintin Sartin leading the rushing charge with 86 yards on 13 attempts and two touchdowns, even earning a receiving touchdown. Tyler Izydorek had 76 yards on the ground but also threw a 13 yard touchdown pass. Trey Lester also had himself a touchdown pass, with the throw coming from 18 yards out. Westley Chapin had 67 yards on the ground and a touchdown but also caught a Tyler Izydorek pass for a touchdown. Logan Malloy was the man to beat on defense, earning 10 solo tackles on the night. Ryan Ramirez, Julius Johnson, and Quintin Sartin each earned six solo tackles. Connor Kelly had five solo tackles, and Trey Lester three.
Sandusky’s favorite running back on the night was Carter Krause who ran for 102 yards and four touchdowns. Jackson Reinke ran for 76 yards on the night. Tyler Bush had two completions for a total of 48 yards and rushed for 64 yards. Tyler Franzel was the target for both Bush passes, chewing up 48 yards in the air and 37 yards on the ground. Tyler Franzel was a force on the defensive end, bailing out the defense with a stop inside the 10-yard line after running 30 yards downfield to catch the Marlette man. Franzel finished with 8 solo tackles. Daniel Tovar and Nick Leen each had five solo tackles.
The Wolves dropped to 3-1 with the loss to the Red Raiders (1-1 GTCE). Marlette improved to 3-1 with the rivalry matchup victory, improving to 1-1 in the GTCE. The Ubly Bearcats stand firmly in first place in the GTCE with Marlette and Sandusky both tied with Bad Axe and Harbor Beach for second place in the league. Marlette travels to Harbor Beach and Sandusky is heading to Bad Axe so the runner up slot will have two fewer occupants come Saturday morning.

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