NCTL 8-Man All League


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First Team Offense

QB.) Nathan Rosenthal-Peck
RB.) Hunter Welsh-Peck
RB.) Jared Philpot-Deckerville
RB.) Austin Fritch-Deckerville
WR/TE.) Jacob Holman-Peck
WR/TE.) John Ridley-Deckerville
WR/TE.) Kylan Pennington-Kingston
OL.) Noah Cubbitt-Peck
OL.) John Weller-Peck
OL.) Reese Bays-Kramer-Deckerville
OL.) Theodore Thayer-Deckerville
K.) Will Webster- Kingston

Second Team Offense

QB.) Brandon Pattulo- Deckerville
RB.) Shane Maurer- North Huron
RB.) Austin Spaetzel- Deckerville
WR/TE.) Justin Ritchic- CPS
WR/TE.) Sean Riley- Dryden
OL.) Adam Pechette- North Huron
OL.) Kyle Ruggles- Kingston
OL.) Mike Schweitzer- Deckerville
K.) Tom Toner- North Huron

First Team Defense

DL.) Adam Pechette- North Huron
DL.) Austin Spaetzel- Deckerville
DL.) John Ridley- Deckerville
LB.) Jared Philpot- Deckerville
LB.) Reese Bays-Kramer- Deckerville
LB.) Shane Maurer- North Huron
LB.) Kylan Pennington- Kingston
DB.) Riley Magiera- Kingston
DB.) Nathan Rosenthal- Peck
P.) Brandon Pattulo- Deckerville
P.) Dalton Price- Kingston

Second Team Defense

Austin Fritch - Running Back

Austin Fritch – Running Back

 Reese Bays-Kramer - Linebacker

Reese Bays-Kramer – Linebacker

Austin Spaetzel - Running Back

Austin Spaetzel – Running Back

Jared Philpot - Running Back

Jared Philpot – Running Back

DL.) Tyler Gorkowski- North Huron
DL.) Donovin Snyder- Deckerville
DL.) Gary DesJardins- Peck
DL.) Jacob Holman- Peck
LB.) Devin Koroleski- North Huron
LB.) Sean Riley- Dryden
LB.) Nolan Sarnac- Peck
DB.) Justin Whelan- North Huron
DB.) Hunter Welsh- Peck
DB.) Austin Fritch- Deckerville

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