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Red Raiders Roll Over USA

By: Wm. Michael Dixon
Tribune Recorder Leader

Tyler Izydorek scored a touchdown on the opening play of the game.

Marlette hosted USA for the Red Raider home opener last Friday. Marlette started the game with a bang, with Tyler Izydorek running in a touchdown from 65 yards out just 17 seconds into the first quarter. Logan Malloy ran the conversion in for two. Tyler Izydorek had his number called again less than a minute later and ran in another touchdown, this time from 37 yards out to give the Red Raiders a 14-0 lead just over a minute into the contest.
Quintin Sartin scrambled for a 26 yard touchdown run with seven minutes to go in the first and completed the two-point conversion to bring Marlette’s total for the first quarter to a staggering twenty-two points.
USA finally got downfield and ran in a one yard touchdowns thanks to Brady Green. Marlette kept up their scoring pace in the second quarter, with Logan Malloy scoring his first touchdown of the game less than a minute into the second.
Quintin Sartin found Aaron Bower in the end zone for a five yard touchdown pass with just two minutes in the half to give the Red Raiders a commanding 38-6 lead at halftime.
Marlette set the tone for the second half with a 21-yard touchdown run from Logan Malloy just over a minute into the half. USA’s Keydan Reinke rammed in a touchdown from the one yard line, followed up by a Brady Green two-point conversion to narrow the margin 30 points with 8 minutes to go in the game.
Marlette quarterback Quintin Sartin got free for a 45-yard touchdown run just moments later, which would be the final score of the contest. Marlette took the win 50-14 with a combined 367 yards rushing on 34 attempts.
Sartin was the touchdown leader for the Red Raiders, completing two passes for 23 yards and a touchdown, caught by Aaron Bower. Sartin also rushed for 101 yards on 9 attempts and racked up two rushing touchdowns. Tyler Izydorek was the yardage leader, rushing for 130 yards on 8 carries and two rushing TDs.
Logan Malloy rushed for 108 yards on 7 carries and two touchdowns. All three Marlette rushers averaged more than a first down per carry. Trey Lester earned 9 solo tackles on the night and an interception. Logan Malloy had 8 solo tackles and an interception. Ryan Ramirez added 7 solo tackles, Owen Anderson 5, and Braden Gonzalez, 4.
“I was very happy with the way our guys came out of the gate this week. We were able to grab the momentum really early in the game with the touchdown on the first play of the game and then forcing a turnover right away on defense.” Stated Head Coach Denny Lester of the victory. Denny Lester was happy with the results from the defensive end, after the Red Raiders forced six turnovers (four fumbles and two interceptions). “You are going to win a lot of games when you can do that. We need to continue to force those turnovers.”
Ever the perfectionist, Denny Lester was not thrilled with everything his team was doing, stating “Our defensive line didn’t help our defensive backs with our pass rush. We never made the QB feel uncomfortable.” The Red Raiders improve to 2-0 after the decisive victory over USA and will look to open up conference play when they take on a scary Ubly Bearcats team at home this Friday. Both teams won their first two games by a landslide.

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