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Deckerville – Home to three Exchange Students

Deckerville Schools and host families, Bill and Kristy Brown, Michael and Dana Keinath, and Chris and Chastity Franzel, have welcomed three exchange students to the community and their families.
Emily Pieper, 16, from Germany, is staying at the home of Bill and Kristy Brown.
Emily enjoys the people here, the accents of the people, and the food – macaroni and cheese! Her dislikes include the school day being too long, and not being able to drive.
Her hobbies include soccer, hanging out with friends, and riding horses. She was a cheerleader.
When asked why she wanted to become an exchange student, she said, “to get better English skills and learn about the American culture.”
Emily’s parents are Jutta Tiedge and Lars Pieper. She has two siblings, Timon – 7, and Linnja – 3.
Kristy Brown said, “Hosting our exchange student, Emily, has been a great experience for our family. Learning differences between our cultures and sharing each other’s traditions and different holidays has been fun. I love that Emily has adapted easily to a large family. And love that our children have been so accepting to having another sister. We are looking forward to sharing more of America with her over the next few months.
Lukas Auerswald, 16, is also from Germany. He is staying with Michael and Dana Keinath.
His hobbies include sporting events and vacations. He enjoys football and basketball.
Lukas wanted to become an exchange student because he wanted to know how America really is. He wanted to know if it is like in the movies, and he especially wanted to experience an American football season in America.
Lukas likes all of the school pride – and the passion about the sports. He doesn’t like that a car is needed for everything, making it harder to be independent.
His parents are Ina Marschalleck and Kay Auerswald.
Mike Keinath said of being a host family and of Lukas, “It has been fun to learn how his country and culture works and to learn how much we are different, but yet the same. My kids love having a big brother in the house, and for the most part, Luke being an only child, has adapted well to having brothers and sisters. I feel some things are tough – we have found that Luke had a lot more freedom at home than we allow in our house, but we seem to get it adjusted. Would we do it again – I think so, just not every year. But, I am sure we will, we (me and my family) will stay in touch with Luke for the rest of our lives for sure. As a whole, I feel it has been a positive thing. For those thinking of getting an exchange student, I would say the most important part is to learn where they come from before you start throwing rules at them, and grow with them together. All in all, it’s been great and Luke will truly be missed, but for sure always in our lives.”
Larissa de Sá, also 16, is from Brazil. She is staying with Chris and Chastity Franzel.
Her parents are Fátima Lima and Joaõ de Sá. She has two sisters and one brother.
Her hobbies include going to the beach and playing soccer. Her extracurricular activities include cheerleading.
Larissa wanted to become an exchange student so that she could improve her English and to know the American culture.
She enjoys the school, the friends that she has made here, the way people live and the food. Larissa doesn’t enjoy the weather “too cold” and not being able to drive.
Chastity Franzel said, “We have been honored to be the host family for Larissa. She brings such joy to our family. As we are trying to teach her about our culture, she is teaching us about her culture, and about raising a teenage girl. She is a wonderful role model for our young daughter. We love her smile, her laugh, her enthusiasm, and her spirit. It has been a heartwarming experience for all of us!”

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