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Eagle Beat 12-2-15 Edition

Time has been passing slowly ever since students returned back to school from fall break. Having three days off last week was a nice and much appreciated break, but now it is time to return to work.
Any students playing basketball had a slightly different break. Their break was definitely not a lazy one! Both the boys and girls teams practiced over break and the girls JV and varsity teams scrimmaged Bad Axe last Friday. This scrimmage revealed the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Our Deckerville girls did pretty well, but there is always room for improvement. The girls start games this week and will play at Ubly Tuesday, December 1, and play at home against Brown City on Friday, December 4. The game schedule for the girls’ games looks slightly different than it has in previous years. Because there is no Port Hope teams or CPS girls varsity team, other games against different schools have been added to the schedule. The girls will play Ubly, Brown City, Akron-Fairgrove, Memphis, and Sandusky as well as the six other schools in the NCTL.
For students struggling to get out of bed this week after break, do not worry, winter break is on its way! There’s only three weeks until it begins. Winter break will last from December 21 to January 1. Before winter break begins student progress reports will come out December 11.

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