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100 Random Acts of Kindness

Second grade students of Ms. Thompson.

The second graders at Deckerville Community School were given a challenge to perform 100 Random Acts of Kindness. As the students complete a random act of kindness, they write it down on a paper heart, and post it on the bulletin board in the hallway. The book “Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler” was read to Ms. Thompson’s and Ms. Cowley’s second graders. In the book, Mrs. Ruler challenges her students to complete 100 Random Acts of Kindness, at school, at home and in their community, and if they reached 100 total acts of kindness, they receive a class party. The second graders at Deckerville were given the same challenge, and they succeeded with well over 100 acts of kindness! Great Job second graders, and keep the kindness coming!

Second grade students of Ms. Cowley.

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