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By Wm. Michael Dixon
Tribune Recorder Leader

The Sandusky City Council met on Tuesday, January 3rd last week due to observance of the new year’s day holiday on January 2nd. The mayor wished everyone well in the new year, stating “Happy New Year! Hope you have a healthy, happy, safe, successful new year.” City Manager Dave Faber noted a water main break happened on Roberts Street over the holidays and that the new Vac Truck was used to help remedy the situation.
Budget discussions took up the bulk of the meeting as City Manager Faber described his plans for the money in 2023-2024. Councilman Harris brought up concerns regarding parking downtown once the major construction projects begin, citing the many area businesses that rely on the city to provide them adequate parking. City Manager Faber stated “It’s not the city’s sole responsibility to provide parking to those businesses.” Faber also added that the parking lot behind Ace Hardware and Thumb Dance studio were free to use though signage along the parking lot behind Thumb Dance Studio claims the parking is exclusively for customers of the Morse St. Plaza.

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