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Beagios of Marlette Celebrates 51 Years

Last year was memorable, but not necessarily in the best way. For one iconic business in Marlette it was supposed to be a year to celebrate a huge milestone. This had to be put on hold. Beagio’s Pizza was to hold their 50th anniversary of serving quality food in beautiful downtown Marlette. But maybe it’s even better this year, making it through the pandemic to celebrate 51 years! Think about it. How many family businesses can say that they have been open for 51 years.
It all started with a seed. Friends from Lamotte Missionary Church gathered around the table at Ed and Jan Herron’s home and made pizza. Since that seed was planted, Beagio’s Pizza has been serving great food to Marlette and the surrounding communities for over half a century.
Ed and Jan opened their doors in April 1970 with a vision of being a family operation. Today Juanna Herron Parker is the second generation to oversee Beagio’s and it doesn’t stop there. Third generation Janson, Jourdan and Taylor are all proud to be part of the dynasty. There are also 10-14 employees ready to serve you pizza, Mexican food, salads and so much more. Just like 50 years ago, everything is homemade daily, the dough, the sauce, the soups and so much more. Many of the products used are grown in Michigan.
The Beagio’s family has always been a big supporter of Marlette. All are proud graduates of Marlette High School. They have grown pumpkins in support of the Sports Boosters, provided parade floats and helped to purchase new scoreboards at the football field. They take pride in being an anchor of the community and promoting the Heart of the Thumb.
Beagio’s has withstood the test of time, slow downs in the economy, and all other bumps in the road. The green sign is still lit up on the four corners of Marlette inviting you to stop in and enjoy good food that will make you smile. You can call ahead and have it waiting 989-635-2015.

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