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Big Technology Boost at Deckerville Hospital

New Diagnostic Equipment Recieved

Deckerville Community Hospital’s New Xray Room elevates the lastest technology in radiology imaging. This new equipment delivers higher quality images while enhancing patient comfort and creating an optimized workflow.
The new 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography unit assures you receive the latest in breast health technology with benefits of better visualization for your doctor, earlier cancer detection, and fewer callbacks. This technology upgrade includes Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI), an advanced processing technique to automatically detect potiential breast cancer on mammograms. “Studies show that when combined with standard mammograms, 3D tomosynthesis can improve cancer detection and is particulary effective for women with dense breast tissue,” states Dr. Arlene Sussman, Lead Intrepreting Physician for the mammography program at Deckerville Community Hospital.
The new ultrasound machine features the latest in 3D and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This advanced technology creates more detailed ultrasound imaging allowing for more concise interpretation. This will improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.
These technology upgrades help assure you will be recieving the highest quality of Radiology innovative imaging and care at Deckerville Community Hospital. “Our recent upgrades have moved us to the forefront of imaging technology and this is great news for our patients and the communities we serve,” says Jennifer Hoag, Radiology Supervisor, Deckerville Community Hospital.

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