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Deckerville Schools announce Valedictorians and Salutatorian

Deckerville Community Schools is happy to announce its selections for valedictorians and salutatorian.
The valedictorians are Shelby Flanagan, Madyson Garza, Naythan Gough and Alyssa Johnson. The salutatorian is Connor Palmer.
Shelby Flanagan: My parents are Laura and Michael Flanagan, and I live in Sandusky.
I plan to attend Centenary University to pursue a degree in Equine Studies Business Management .
My father has been the biggest influence on my life. He has taught me to always work hard for everything I get, and that the gratitude of accomplishing goals is bigger than the reward. Not only his worth ethic but how he loves and lives in the moment inspires me to acquire the same attributions.
Madyson Garza: My parents are Chris and Andrea Garza, and I live in Palms.
I am excited to attend Michigan State University in the fall to pursue a career in Agribusiness.
Andrea Garza is the person I admire most in my life. She is my mother and my best friend. I look to her for guidance and advice and no matter what, I can always trust that she is my true north.
Naythan Gough: My parents are Sean and Janel Gough, and I live in Deckerville.
In the fall, I will be attending the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, with a planned major in Computer Science. I’ve also been accepted to the M-Engin sector of the MSTEM summer program at the University, which I will be attending for five weeks during the summer. After college, I plan on pursuing a career with my Computer Science degree, although I’m not sure exactly what I’ll specialize in. No matter what I decide to do with my degree though, I plan on utilizing it to find a career that not only pays well, but that I enjoy also.
My biggest inspiration throughout my educational career has been my grandma. She has constantly pushed me to do my absolute best, no matter what the circumstances were. Ever since I started getting lettered grades in third grade, she’s been constantly pushing me to think of the future and to aim for the perfect GPA that I have now. She also informed me about dual enrollment classes and encouraged me to try them, which has greatly helped me prepare for college. Through her, I have been able to strive to do my absolute best, and never stop trying. She also encouraged me to apply to the University of Michigan when I told her I wanted to, even though the acceptance rate was low. Because of her encouragement, I know that if I believe in and apply myself, I can go far.
Alyssa Johnson: My parents are Bradley and Kristie Johnson and I live in Carsonville.
I will be attending Saginaw Valley State University in the fall for Occupational Therapy. Eventually I will pursue a career as an Occupational Therapist and specialize in Geriatrics.
The person who inspired me most throughout my life was my great-grandma, Gween Johnson. She was an incredibly hard working woman who pushed me to give my all everyday. She refused to let me take any shortcuts and never let me win in games like cards and checkers. She taught me that hard work always pays off and if you want to win you have to earn it.
Connor Palmer: My parents are Paul and Tammy Palmer, Deckerville.
I plan to attend Saginaw Valley State University and pursue a degree in electrical engineering.
Throughout my life apart from my parents I have always had one person who was both my best friend and also fiercest rival. My brother has always been an inspiration in my life not only excelling in academics but also in sports. I have worked to achieve a level higher than he ever did, but I’m not sure that could ever be possible. This is because he is my hero and can you ever truly surpass your hero?

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