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Down Main Street 11/9/22 Edition

Improvements to M-19 and M-46 are slated to take place at the same time as the installation of the new water-main in the City of Sandusky.
Studies were done in town this week to get a rough estimate of the car count to better assess the detour route for construction.
The McKeand Hangar at the Sandusky City Airport has been sold to Henry Rise who plans to use the facility to service and build new aircraft.
Rise has already been in talks with Duane Lange and the Sanilac County Career Center to have students learn to build and service aircraft, with a kit plane already donated to that purpose.
The plan is for the students to build and sell the aircraft to fund the purchase of future kit planes so that more students can learn about aircraft maintenance and assembly.
Rise is a former Blue Angels mechanic and plans to offer flying lessons as well as airplane repairs in his new hangar.
The Sandusky City council approved the purchase of a new 1000 gallon auxilliary fuel tank to offset aviation gas purchase minimums as well as increase overall capacity. Rise’s airplane operation could use as much 1000 gallons per week. The current capacity is roughly 2000 gallons with a purchase minimum of 1700 gallons at a time, which has lead to intermittent shortages and sporadic gas purchases.

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