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The word “first” holds special meaning.
First across the finish line, first one done with test, first light, first fight, first fish, first coffee, first-first-first.
Everyone remembers their first job, first dog, first date, first dance, and first kiss.
My thoughts this week are occupied by yet another first. A first that will most likely not be remembered, by the guest of honor. The first birthday party, for first grandson, Nolan Robert Dionne on 8-31-2015.
Remembering will be our task. We are taking great pleasure in recalling the first tooth, the first Christmas, first walk, first laugh, and first word.
Our trip is by no means first we have made to Maine for a visit. In fact, we have lost count of how many times, either or both Terry and I have made the trek to be a part of his first year of life.
So here’s to you Nolan Robert! The first thing that happened when you were born was… You were loved by everyone at first sight. Happy Birthday!
CANS FOR POPS: The Sandusky Fireworks Organization has started a year round returnable can and bottle drive to fund the annual fireworks show during the Thumb Festival.
Start saving your returnable cans and bottles and watch for announcements of where the drop bins will be located. In the meantime, optional residential or business pick-up can also be arranged by calling the Tribune Recorder Leader at 810-648-5282. All donations to the Sandusky Fireworks Organization are fully tax deductible, as it is a boa fide tax exempt, charitable 501c3 entity. Receipts can be provided upon request.
DPW ACCOLADES: Things are back to normal here at the newspaper, after a water main break in the alley caused a bit of stomach acid.
Thanks to the quick action of Rocky Hipp, Doug Kirkbride, and Mark Navarro who gave up a bit of their Sunday to make sure the area was ready for business on Monday morning.
Their fast response is credited with the preservation of historical Sanilac County Tax Roll Journals recently relocated to Vern Temple’s old Barber Shop in the Vickers Building.
GRAND-STANDS: Congratulations to the Sanilac County 4-H Fair. This year’s big news is the addition of new seating and press box fresh from Michigan International Speedway. The grandstand venue now boasts seating for more than 3,000.
The six figure investment is yet another example of the progress and popularity of one of the last and longest standing 4-H Fairs in the country.

MIRACLE of LIFE: When you are at the fair this week, be sure to stop by the miracle of life tent. It is located between the parking lot and entrance to the carnival midway. We have confirmed reports of the first birth at the tent last night. A new heifer (girl cow).
Many others are expected this week.
Look for a new permanent building for the miracle of life folks next year.

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