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Marlette Teachers Shave Heads in Support of Team Alyssa

By: Rachel Bennett
Tribune Recorder Leader

Several teachers at Marlette Jr./Sr. High School received haircuts at the homecoming assembly on Friday, February 2. Their haircuts were given based on the donations made for Alyssa Williams, a student who is battling a rare form of Lymphoma.
The students/community were challenged to raise $3,000 to help support the family. The fundraiser began at the end of November and ran through February 1. If students reached the $250 mark, Mr. Marquardt would shave his beard and head. At the $500 mark, Mr. Kady would shave his head. If students reached the $1,000 mark, Mrs. Wirges would lose her locks and go for a pixie cut. At the $1,500 mark, Ms. Hacker would chop her hair and get a pixie cut. If students made it to the $2,500 mark, Mr. Varey would get a buzz cut and have the cancer ribbon shaved into the sides. At the $3,000 mark, Mrs. Bennett would shave her head. Students could also purchase a chance to help give the teachers their hair cuts.
Elijah Dale was able to shave off Mr. Marquarts beard and hair. Dalaney Gage and Emma Heuissner were able to shave Mr. Kady’s head. Girette Woods and Caylin Hilts were able to cut Mrs. Wirges hair. Alyssa Williams and Girette Woods were able to cut Ms. Hacker’s hair. Bryton VanEtten was able to shave Mr. Varey’s head and Abi Rohling and Avery Schram were able to cut and shave Mrs. Bennett’s head.
The community was able to raise over $7,500 for the family. After the assembly was over, Mrs. Bednarczyk was asked by some students what dollar amount it would take to get her to shave her head. She challenged the students to raise a total of $10,000. But, they must do this by the end of the regular basketball season. If you’d like to help Mrs. Bednaryczk lose her hair, donations can be dropped off at the school or can be paid via Venmo (RB_03).

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