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Oehrlein Dancers Perform “Get Up and Dance”

Sandusky: Top Row: Breana Adame, Callie Ball, Isabel Tostige, Leah Trigger, Cassandra Trigger, Hannah Ostrowski, Gabriella Beatty, and Brendalynn Aldis. Middle Row: Ayva Selleke, Arabella Beatty, Malorie Moore, Leia Adame, Carlee Campbell, Clara Radloff, and Mabel Houthoofd. Bottom Row: Brooklynn DeVoogd, Kinsley Kinnee, Joselyn Woolworth, Penelope Thompson, Amelia Markel, Savannah Marx, Brielle Volmering, and Ariella Beatty.

The Oehrlein Dancers presented its dance revue on Saturday June 17, at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at Reese High School Auditorium in Reese. This year’s theme was “Get Up and Dance” and featured a variety of ballet, tap, jazz/hip hop, acro, and ethnic routines.
Included was a country number which will be performed at Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this summer.

Marlette: Top Row: Ricky D. Davidson III, Lily Martus, Elaina Hoffmann, Grace Woodall, Lila Woodall, Alessandra Humphrey, Libby Howard, Emily Reamer, and Jaden Howard. Middle Row: Laura Nielsen, Zahra Wiegert, Ella Kaste, Austin Vanderpoel, Melody Howard, Ruby O’Hare, Elora Humphrey, and Madeline Lupa. Bottom Row: Cole Vanderpoel, Aria Howard, Bryce Vanderpoel, Rhema Spillers, Morgan Glasgow, Grace Anderson, Lucy Losinski, Addisyn Dunn, and Elsanna Grubb.

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