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Parting Shot 10-7-15 Edition

Charlotte’s web: According to E.B. White, people will believe almost anything they see in what format?
Do you know the correct answer? Call, e-mail, post a comment on our website or enter via facebook starting at 12:00 noon on Wednesday through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, each week for your chance to win. Each person with a correct response will be entered into a random drawing for a pair of Firebird Theater movie tickets. Four sets of tickets will be awarded each week. Last Parting Shot Question: GOING THE DISTANCE: How far is the Sun from the Earth? Answer: The distance between the Earth and the Sun is dynamic, it changes constantly. The distance between the two is considered to be an average of about 93 million miles, but scientists just use the AU (astronomical unit). Last Parting Shot winners were: Robert Marcotte, Diane Lesoski, Wayne Smith, Jeri Lyon. Winners may pick up their movie tickets at the Tribune Recorder Leader office at our new location, 43 S. Elk St., across from Mainstreet Cafe.

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