Penpals Meet In Person


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At the start of the pandemic, some of the Sandusky National Honor Society kids wrote email letters to residents at Stonegate. Kate Meyers, the life enrichment director at Stonegate, would sit with the residents and type their words in an email and send them on so the students could read and respond.
Michelle Cahoon, a senior at SHS, has written her pen pal Leola Brock consistently for a year and a half. Last Wednesday, they met in person for the first time.
The experience has been so meaningful for both Leola and Michelle. After the face to face meeting, Michelle said, “ When I first started the Penpal letters I didn’t have very high expectations and thought maybe it would last a few months. Little did I know that today, after a year and a half of letters, I would talk with someone as they were an old friend or even family, even though this was our first time meeting face to face.”

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