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Sandusky Tennis Wins Again

The Sandusky tennis team hosted an invitational last Friday, getting 46 points for the day. John Glenn had 29, Cros-Lex 17 and Yale 12.
Medal winners:

1 Singles: Jonathan Wentzel (S) 1st, Jack Dwan (JG) 2nd, Tommy Culhane (Y) 3rd

2 Singles*: Jimmy Krampits (CL) 1st, Annie Ross (S) 2nd, Gage Burgeson (JG) 3rd

3 Singles: Jackson Kartanys (S) 1st, Wyatt Burgeson (JG) 2nd, Nathaniel Mack (Y) 3rd

4 Singles: JT Breen (JG) 1st, Matthew Cummings (CL) 2nd, Emma Minard (S) 3rd

1 Doubles: Caleb Minard/Carson Shampo (S) 1st, Mitchell Geiger/Donovan McDonald (CL) 2nd, Jake Englebrets/Will Gallagher (JG) 3rd

2 Doubles: Gabe Drabant/Christian Shuart (S) 1st, Cody McCoy/Dillon Cachola (Y) 2nd, Luke Wilson/Colin Meyer (JG) 3rd

3 Doubles: Jacob Papp/Carson Shuart (S) 1st, Vance LaCourt/Owen LaCourt (JG) 2nd, Quincy Favre/Michael Heffron (Y) 3rd

4 Doubles: Isabella Stoutenburg/Logan Trepkowski (S) 1st, Ryan Baumer/David Ferrior (JG) 2nd, Grady Bender (Y)/Abbey Thorp (S) 3rd

  • Medals came down to tiebreakers
    Final Results:

1 Singles:

Jack Dwan (JG) d. Trey Kolakovich (CL) 8-1
Jonathan Wentzel (S) d. Tommy Culhane (Y) 8-1
Jonathan Wentzel (S) d. Jack Dwan (JG) 9-8 (11-9)
Tommy Culhane (Y) d. Trey Kolakovich (CL) 8-4
Jonathan Wentzel (S) d. Trey Kolakovich (CL) 8-2
Jack Dwan (JG) d. Tommy Culhane (Y) 8-5

2 Singles:

Annie Ross (S) d. Gage Burgeon (JG) 8-2
Jimmy Krampits (CL) d. Aiden Korolden (Y) 8-6
Jimmy Krampits (CL) d. Annie Ross (S) 9-7
Gage Burgeson (JG) d. Aiden Korolden (Y) 8-6
Jimmy Krampits (CL) d. Gage Burgeson (JG) 8-6
Aiden Korolden (Y) d. Annie Ross (S) 8-6

3 Singles:

Jackson Kartanys (S) d. Tyler Chisholm (CL) 8-1
Wyatt Burgeson (JG) d. Nathaniel Mack (Y) 8-2
Wyatt Burgeson (JG) d. Tyler Chisholm (CL) 8-2
Jackson Kartanys (S) d. Nathaniel Mack (Y) 8-0
Jackson Kartanys (S) d. Wyatt Burgeson (JG) 8-0
Nathaniel Mack (Y) d. Tyler Chisholm (CL) 8-3

4 Singles:

JT Breen (JG) d. Matthew Cummings (CL) 8-3
Emma Minard (S) d. Will Kavanagh (Y) 8-0
JT Breen (JG) d. Emma Minard (S) 8-6
Matthew Cummings (CL) d. Will Kavanagh (Y) 8-1
Matthew Cummings (CL) d. Emma Minard (S) 8-3
JT Breen (JG) d. Will Kavanagh (Y) 8-2

1 Doubles:

Caleb Minard/Carson Shampo (S) d. Jake Engleberts/Will Gallagher (JG) 8-0
Mitchell Geiger/Donovan McDonald (CL) d. Joshua Kriesch/Seth Burns (Y) 8-2
Caleb Minard/Carson Shampo (S) d. Mitchell Geiger/Donovan McDonald (CL) 8-1
Jake Engleberts/Will Gallagher (JG) d. Joshua Kriesch/Seth Burns (Y) 8-4
Mitchell Geiger/Donovan McDonald (CL) d. Jake Engleberts/Will Gallagher (JG) 9-8 (10-8)
Caleb Minard/Carson Shampo (S) d. Joshua Kriesch/Seth Burns (Y) 8-0

2 Doubles:

Gabe Drabant/Christian Shuart (S) d. Blake Newton/Elijah Steenbergh (CL) 8-2
Cody McCoy/Dillon Cachola (Y) d. Luke Wilson/Colin Meyer (JG) 8-6
Luke Wilson/Colin Meyer (JG) d. Blake Newton/Elijah Steenbergh (CL) 8-3
Gabe Drabant/Christian Shuart (S) d. Cody McCoy/Dillon Cachola (Y) 8-4
Gabe Drabant/Christian Shuart (S) d. Luke Wilson/Colin Meyer (JG) 8-2
Cody McCoy/Dillon Cachola (Y) d. Blake Newton/Elijah Steenbergh (CL) 8-1

3 Doubles:

Vance LaCourt/Owen LaCourt (JG) d. Ian McKay/Logan Mifsud (CL) 8-0
Jacob Papp/Carson Shuart (S) d. Quincy Favre/Michael Heffron (Y) 8-1
Jacob Papp/Carson Shuart (S) d. Vance LaCourt/Owen LaCourt (JG) 8-1
Quincy Favre/Michael Heffron (Y) d. Ian McKay/Logan Mifsud (CL) 8-4
Jacob Papp/Carson Shuart (S) d. Ian McKay/Logan Mifsud (CL) 8-0
Vance LaCourt/Owen LaCourt (JG) d. Quincy Favre/Michael Heffron (Y) 8-1

4 Doubles:

Ryan Baumer/David Ferrio (JG) d. Owen Iseler/Evan Sharpe (CL) 8-0
Isabella Stoutenburg/Logan Trepkowski (S) d. Grady Bender (Y)/Abbey Thorp (S) 8-1*
Isabella Stoutenburg/Logan Trepkowski (S) d. Ryan Baumer/David Ferrio (JG) 8-6
Grady Bender (Y)/Abbey Thorp (S)* d. Owen Iseler/Evan Sharpe (CL) 8-2
Isabella Stoutenburg/Logan Trepkowski (S) d. Owen Iseler/Evan Sharpe (CL) 8-0
Ryan Baumer/David Ferrio (JG) d. Grady Bender (Y)/Abbey Thorp (S)* 8-5
Note: Sandusky player Abbey Thorp teamed with Yale’s Grady Bender to play Yale’s 4 doubles spot to compete for individual medals (these results did not count for team scoring). “Officially” Cros-Lex gets a default win in that match, which is why they earned 2 points in the standings for 4D.

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