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Sanilac County Police Receive Forced Entry Tools Grant

By Wm. Michael Dixon

The Sanilac County Police Chiefs Association (SCPCA) recently received a donation of halligan bars, thanks to a grant from the Sefton Leggett Legacy Fund through the Sanilac County Community Foundation. The halligan bars (forced entry tools pictured above) will be in every police car in Sanilac County soon, thanks to the roughly $9,000 grant the SCPCA received. “We decided it was a component missing in our toolkit for public safety,” stated Sandusky City Police Chief and SCPCA President Brett Lester in regards to the halligan bars. The decision to add the halligan bars comes on the heels of the recent shootings and civil unrest happening around the United States. SCPCA President and Sandusky City Police Chief Lester and SCPCA Vice-President and Marlette City Police Chief Brian McGinnis are also discussing ways to get a law enforcement officer in each of their respective school districts, Sandusky and Marlette, by the start of the fall semester.
Information for this article provided by the Sandusky City Police Department.

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