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Thumb RC Holds Inaugural Race

Over fifty spectators turned out for the inaugural race held by Thumb RC in Sandusky. Thumb RC plans to hold some sort of racing event every weekend, with the next two weekends including races for points. The first road course race will be held Sunday, August 7th at 5 pm. Points totals after Week one (Oval Track Only) are as follows.
S.C.T (short course trucks) OVAL
Larry Bechtel 25
Richard Bechtel 20
Tommy TwoTone Jones 14
Liam Thompson 12

  1. Macy Wolfe 18
  2. Joe Kreutzans10
    Patrick Smith 25
    Dale Phipps 20
    David Kreutzans 18
    Thomas Jones 16
    1.Blake Griffith 16

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